YoYo with YoDailies – Software for Production and Post Workflows – Call for Pricing

YoYo with YoDailies – Software for Production and Post Workflows – Call for Pricing

YoYo and YoDailies software only for data management and the generation of file/video based dailies and online versions with Pre-conforming.

Creative Software

YoYotta’s software runs on Apple Mac hardware. Build a portable dailies solution using the Retina MacBook Pro. Use the iMac or MacPro in a cutting room or post house. Connect using USB3 and Thunderbolt to RAID storage and video I/O.

Pre Conforming

Drop any EDL or ALE into YoYo and it will pre conform the material to produce the required subset to be transcoded for online workflows. YoYo will also conform camera RAW material to Camera RAW for selected back up or online.

Broadcast SDi Monitoring

YoDailies has built in support for Blackmagic SDI hardware allowing you to make colour, framing and focus decisions using an external broadcast monitor. Compatible with Thunderbolt UltraStudio or PCIe Decklink units. YoYo can also generate SDI test signals.

Shot Viewer

View any shot metadata in picture. This is handy to identify shots when there are multiple cameras in use. Instantly grab a JPEG, DPX and raw frame. Jump to start and end of clip, use JKL keys for transport control.

Full MetaData

All picture and sound metadata is automatically captured. This includes media serial numbers, camera UUID, lens information. Also audio scene, take, notes from BWF files. Full MXF and Quicktime metadata. Any metadata can easily be graphically burnt into the transcoded files. Metadata can also be exported in ALE or XML files. It’s easy to filter shots by resolution or codec in the Metadata viewer.

Support for Multiple Cameras

YoDailies allows full control of the camera decode or debayer process. Choose decode resolution. Adjust colour temperature and camera LUTs. Many cameras supported including Aaton, Arri Alexa, Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Canon, Red EPIC, Sony F5, F55 and F65. A new feature in YoYo is the trimming of the length of raw files using conform information. This allows post to maintain a full 4K raw pipeline without needing the overhead of the original camera takes disk space.

Add LUTs

Input and Output lookup tables can be added to the processing. YoDailies supports dozens of LUT types including fixed and floating point in 1D or 3D formats. 3D LUTs sizes range from 16 to 65 point. Typical usage is to transform camera log material into a REC709 colourspace. Apply LUTs to selected shots. Convert LUTs to Sony BVM-E OLED format.

Create Looks

Adjust the shots using full CDL processing. Use power, slope, offset and saturation to enhance the images for offline. Using onscreen controls or a Tangent Element Trackball panel or drop in CDL, ALE or EDL files. Apply Looks to selected shots. Export Looks in CDL, ALE or EDL and Sony BVM-E OLED formats.

Colour and Spatial Processing

In addition to the input and output LUTs there are input and output 1D LUTs, a user definable colour matrix and a separate monitoring LUT. Use the built in high quality resizer to scale images and work with anamorphic sources. There is also a cage and blanking generator

Sync Audio

YoDailies automatically sorts your shots and instantly performs a timecode sync between video and audio. If needed you can quickly search for audio peaks and manually sync material together. There is built in sample rate conversion with pitch stabilisation for non broadcast audio sources. When transcoding there is full control of tracks created in the dailies and all audio processing is at online quality.


YoDailies can quickly transcode all the shots to offline files that drop straight into Avid Media Composer and Apple Final Cut Pro. There are lots of export codecs available with full control of bit rates and files can be wrapped in MXF, Quicktime or MPEG4 containers. After offline use YoYo to preconform and pull overlength selects from the original camera files. YoYo can output at higher resolution and using online codecs like ProRes 4444 or to uncompressed image sequences like DPX.