DFT Spirit HD – Used Machine and Options Call for Pricing

DFT Spirit HD – Used Machine and Options Call for Pricing

DataCine® and High-Performance Film Scanner with Bones

The Spirit HD® DataCine® from DFT Digital Film Technology is a high-performance, high-speed film scanning solution for Digital Intermediate, Commercial, Telecine, Restoration, and Archiving applications.

With more than 350 systems shipped worldwide, the Spirit DataCine® family has been the undisputed preference for telecine and high-speed, film-scanning applications for more than a decade.

Adding to this already-rich family is our Spirit HD system which provides a new entry point in terms of price but shares the benefits in terms of real-time speed and image quality that have made the Spirit 2K and Spirit 4K® DataCine system so successful.

The Spirit HD is an ideal choice delivering images for TV broadcasting, high-end commercials and the production of dailies for feature films. It can scan standard- and high-definition (SD and HD) formats in 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 color resolutions. It offers HD/DTV and SD signals via single- or dual-link SDI interfaces, and data outputs for input into digital intermediate postproduction projects up to a 1920×1080 resolution. And it has gates available for both 35 mm and 16 mm film.

Because it shares its optical and mechanical components with the Spirit 4K high-performance film scanner and DataCine, you can upgrade the Spirit HD to a full Spirit 4K system on site with a minimum of downtime.

There are two basic versions of the Spirit HD: a traditional realtime video based telecine and a scanner that can deliver data (DPX) images to a central storage system via our BonesTM ingest station at up to 30 frames per second (fps). Most important, the Spirit HD system achieves these speeds with no degradation of quality or resolution; it never produces less than the finest images possible at the highest speeds.

Spirit HD Film Scanner/Bones Combination

Digital intermediate production – the motion-picture workflow in which film is handled only once for scanning and then processed with a high-resolution digital clone that can be down-sampled to the appropriate output resolution – demands the highest resolution and the highest precision scanning.

The combination of the Spirit HD film scanner and Bones system is ahead of its time, offering you the choice of HD scanning in real time (up to 30 fps) depending on the selected packing format and the receiving system’s capability. The Spirit HD scanner offers unrivalled image detail, capturing that indefinable film look to perfection.

Key Features 

  • Multi-film format, high-resolution, real-time film scanning
  • FA 35 mm and ACA 35 mm 2-perf / 3-perf / 4-perf film formats
  • Scanning head capable of native 2048 scanning up to 30 fps
  • Safe, continuous-motion film transport including:
    • Variable scanning speed
    • Visible search
  • Eastman Kodak-designed, high- resolution, advanced-imaging subsystem:
    • Diffuse, high-power xenon illumination system to optically suppress dust and scratches
    • Custom precision optics
    • Optical film matching for print, negative, and intermediate stocks
    • Optical gain control
  • Built-in 2k image processing based on 12-bit RGB image data:
    • Automatic FPN and shading correction
    • Logarithmic masking
    • User-definable look-up tables (LUTs)
    • RGB negative matching
    • RGB primary color correction with extended color-correction mode
    • Aperture correction
  • Real-time scaling engine for sizing and positioning up to 1920×1080 output resolutions
  • Film Scanner version: High speed optical Infiniband data output up to 1920×1080
    • DPX file format
    • Including Bones Transfer appli- cation running on a Linux-based PC
    • TV-gamma, linear, logarithmic, user defined transfer characteris- tics in 10-bit quantization
    • Image monitoring with selectable display look-up tables and reso- lutions up to SXGA resolution
  • DataCine version: Video output supports all major digital HD and SD formats
    • TV-gamma, and linear transfer characteristics
    • Rotation
    • Contour correction
  • Upgrade path to Spirit 2K and Spirit 4K


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