Plura PBM 070X – Ex Demo – Call for Pricing

Plura PBM 070X – Ex Demo – Call for Pricing

Plura – 070X – BPM Ex Demo

The PBM-070X comes in an elegant slim package, with 173 degree wide viewing angle, accurate color reproduction, and quality picture consistency. In my tests, the fast response of their cutting edge de-interlacing and scaling technology, and their RGB 10 bit DSP electronics, gave me a smooth image, no matter what format I was monitoring.

Because of the high brightness and contrast ratio of this monitor, I found that I was always able to see what I was shooting, except in direct sunlight. For direct sunlight you need the optional Hood accessory.

The PBM-070X was very easy to use, since the various display controls such as time code, audio metering display, brightness, color temperature, and EQ function of HD SDI input were either on the front of the monitor, or in the user- friendly menu.

The coolest thing about this monitor is the front pushbutton controls. The Blue/Grey button cycles between Blue Only, for adjusting your color bars, Grey, for seeing how your image will look in black and white, and then back to normal video.

My other favorite button is the Waveform/ Vectorscope. Yes, that’s right, the PBM-070X has a built in Waveform (Y.Cb.Cr, selectable), and a Vector Scope that is 75%,100% selectable. That was totally unexpected on a 7” monitor. This monitor seems to have everything.

If you shoot HD, then you know that proper focus is very impor tant to the quality of your image. For checking critical images, the PBM- 070X has a Pixel to Pixel mode, which allows you to zoom in and see the actual pixels for the part of the image that will fit on the screen.

The other modes include: 16 CH Audio Metering Display, VITC, H/V delay, Blue Only, Mono Mode, Picture and Picture (PaP), Picture in Picture (PiP), Source ID display, Underscan, Overscan, Normal, Zoom, User defined Markers Display, Markers for Safe Area in HD & SD, a Tally light, Close Captioning 708 / 608, and Calibration capability. I think that it is safe to say that this monitor will be able to do anything that you need done by a 7” monitor.

The monitor comes with a built in V-mount for attaching a V-mount battery directly to the back of the monitor, and also a 4 -pin DC receptacle that I use with my Panasonic HVX-200 and DV Rig Pro setup.

To avoid having the extra weight of the Vmount battery directly over the camera, I use an Anton Bauer Hytron 140, or Dionic 90 battery on the back of the DV Rig Pro. This allows me to use the Anton Bauer QR DVX adapter to power my camera, and with the addition of the PT MULTI, and P-TAP XLR 36 adapters, to power my on-camera light and the PBM-070X monitor as well. The best part is that the battery acts as a counterbalance to the weight of the camera. This system allows me to use my camera, on-camera light, and the PBM-070X for hours on a single battery.

If you like the PBM-070X so much that you would like to use several of them in a rack, there is also a rack mount kit available. The two other options are a Hood, and a Carrying Case.

The PBM-070X is a great little monitor. I can use it on any camera, on my EZ FX jib, or as a video monitor for my portable FCP editing system. It even makes a great portable field production client monitor.

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