Pandora – Pluto Pod – Call for Pricing

Pandora – Pluto Pod – Call for Pricing

Pluto POD is the next generation of the already highly successful Pluto ON-SET image processor and offers a much enhanced specification in a smaller footprint and considerably lower cost unit.

Pluto POD is the smallest member of the new Pluto family and is designed to handle a single HD-SDI channel.  Other branches of the family tree offer similar processing for 3D [Stereo] or 4K applications.

PRE ORDER NOW – £995.00

Main Product  Features …

  • Single HD-SDI channel with capabilities to support 270MHz , 1.484GHz and 2.997GHz signalling.
  • 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 YCrCb, RGB, XYZ or CUSTOM I/O colour-space capability.
  • Support for all Video standards from SDTV to HDTV 2048×1080 at frame rates up to 60fps.
  • Everything in REAL time.
  • Simultaneous HDMI output  with independent calibration LUTs.
  • Full 16bit internal signal path [ACES compatible].
  • High quality rendering of 3D LUT’s up to 33x33x33 nodes [ 4-point tetrahedral interpolation].
  • 4 slots with 1D LUT’s both before and after a 3D LUT.
  • Customisable input and output Matrixes to support  ACES input and output Transforms.
  • Direct support for ASC-CDL Saturation control so this function can be provided without having to load a 3D LUT.
  • Full Test Pattern and Colour Patch generation for monitor setup and calibration.
  • Video Legaliser and Safe Area Markers. ATC Timecode Burn In.
  • Video Frame Grab and Still store Function.
  • High Speed control via 1000baseT  Ethernet.   [Optional Bluetooth].
  • USB 2.0 port allows LUT’s to be loaded from external Flash Drives.
  • CDL’s and LUT’s can be manipulated within Pluto and Exported to external devices.
  • Low Power 12V 15W Power supply.   [Optional Power Over Ethernet].
  • Small, Rugged footprint  approx. 108mm Wide x 170mm Length x 30mm High Extruded Aluminium Case.