DFT – Scanity HDR – Call for information on Rent or Buy Options

DFT – Scanity HDR – Call for information on Rent or Buy Options

A multitude of exceptional and first – to – market features provide Scanity HDR users with cutting- edge technology that addresses the challenges many archives and facilities are facing today. Scanity HDR significantly improves ROI, enhances productivity, works effectively in datacentric workflows
and provides a fast and
effective solution that reproduces the pristine quality that film warrants. Scanity HDR serves a variety of film scanning applications including, film archive scanning for mass digitisation, EDL/ conform scanning, short- form commercials, digital intermediate and new formats like 4K UHD.

DFT’s new state-of-the-art film scanner Scanity HDR excels in the uncompromising ability to handle a range of difficult and historically-aged film issues.
Scanity HDR uses highly efficient LED (RGB, IR) light sources and hence low temperature, dedicated hardware processors and fewer, less expensive third- party components. This lowers initial costs as well as on-going operational expenses.
Scanity HDR is able to solve a number of key issues that are prevalent when scanning damaged and aged film stock.

Key Features :
Real time 2K and 4K data
4K ultra HD ready
High dynamic range
Exceptional, versatile and safe film handling
Enhances productivity and workflow efficiency
Optional wet-gate technology
Shrinkage compensation up to 5 percent
Handling of irregular warped or twisted film using contactless scan processing
Simultaneous audio ingest via COM-OPTICAL or COM-MAG option
Scanity HDR
standing the test of time

Key Technical Features
High speed scanning –
4K scanning up to 30fps (2perf) and 4K upto 15fps (4perf), 2K up to 30fps (2perf) and 2K up to 25fps (4perf), 1K up to 44fps, 0.5K up to 69fps, 0.25K up to 96fps (speed depending on IT network and SAN infrastructure)
High dynamic range Black and White film scanning up to ND of 5.0 in real- time 2K data (2048 x 1556 RGB) and 4K data (4096 x 3112) at 15 fps, 4 perforation. Suitable
for both print and OCN materials S16mm, 16mm/ S35mm, 35mm
Versatile multi-application scanner, archive film scanning, mass digitization, EDL/conform scanning, low resolution browsing and highly suited for restoration and archiving, commercials and ‘video-like‘ applications
Customised high resolution optics – capable of resolving 8K equivalent image details
Sprocketless transport for ultimate protection of archival film
Time Delay Integration (TDI) sensor technology for extremely fast and
sensitive film scans – 4300 horizontal active pixels,
96 TDI lines, 6μ pixel size relative to the film
Independent from frame height – film frame aspect ratio is matched by the number of lines
Over scanning in horizontal and vertical direction beyond image boundaries
LED light sources with optimised spectral wavelengths specifically designed for a variety of film stocks including aged archive materials such as highly flammable nitrate stock
Precision roller gate avoids mechanical stress and risk and provides unparalleled smooth and safe film handling
Continuous motion capstan film transport
Optical perforation detection and touch-
free image stabilization
to provide pin registered steadiness. Providing for a stability of less than ± half a pixel at 4K in real-time
Highly integrated, dedicated and fast spatial image processing manages content scaling and formatting
Dirt and scratch handling capabilities with diffuse illumination and IR channel. Capable of dirt map generation for internal/ external processing up to 16 bit dirt matts selectable. Working with a range
of third-party products to provide seamless dirt and scratch processing, optimising the workflow.
Audio scanning of optical sound tracks on 16mm and 35mm film and magnetic track on 16 mm film
Parallel scanning of both audio and 2K/4K film ingest to provide single, real-time pass material
Long LED life provides stable and cost-effective illumination solution at very low temperatures for extra film protection
Integrates seamlessly with third-party software tools such as PF Clean, Diamont and Revivial.
Capable of handling shrinkage up to five per cent tolerance
Wet- Gate-ready deck plate to support both 16mm and 35mm wet scanning
A typical HDR picture will use a combination of two, three or more bracketed images to produce the final look.
Using this patented processing technique, increases the effective dynamic range of Scanity up to 5.0 ND and at real time speeds.

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