DFT – Phantom II: software transfer engine – Call for Pricing

DFT – Phantom II: software transfer engine – Call for Pricing

Phantom II – software transfer engine application, captures transfer data from essentially the Spirit 2K/4K family of datacine products; facilitating a fast, yet easy capture and management of data files via the dedicated infiniband interfacing.

It is available for purchase
as either as a dedicated (turn-key) solution or as
a standalone software application for some existing Bones PC technology, subject to configuration. Phantom II – expedites, using dedicated software features the usual machine

controls of the SPIRIT 2K/4K datacine family and facilitates the ingest of data scans, either 2K or 4K, further enhanced by having some core features of the FLEXXITY family product group, this new product solution requires a special real-time capable hardware configuration, as detailed.

Essentially, Phantom II delivers a future proof, dedicated, brand new software & hardware solution for SPIRIT 2K/4K machine control & data ingest management!

Key features:
Real-time 2K and fast

4K DPX data capture via dedicated infiniband interfacing.
Note: Record speed
is dependent on the connected storage SAN network bandwidth solution.

Full machine control of Spirit 2K & 4K systems, including all general Spirit functions and transport control using a software emulated graphic control panel (GCP)

Integrated tool set (WFM, vectorscope, detail tool (pixel picker) & histogram)

Playback viewer for verification of scanned DPX data & audio BWAV materials

Real time simultaneous Audio ingest, using the Spirit audio outputs only

List based data capture (EDLs, key-code or XML pull list)

Controlled data captures or manual crash record modes

Full ALE export capability

Data management such as transfer from/to connected storage devices via F/C I/O

DPX – GUI tab allowing manipulation of header fields

SUSE – SLES11 + latest service pack operating system 

Call for more information and technical discussions

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