Accusys – ExaRAID HD – Call for Pricing

Accusys – ExaRAID HD – Call for Pricing

ExaRAID HD is an innovative, highly efficient and cost-effective solution for the entire broadcast and post-production market. External PCI Express technology enables disk arrays to be used in conjunction with editing workstations with a high-bandwidth transfer performance of 20Gbps.

The ExaRAID HD family of products includes 2U 12-bays, 3U 16-bays and 4U 24-bays. The 3U and 4U RAID systems are configured with single-controller and dual independent controller systems. ExaRAID can be used on any of the latest hard disk specifications. Coupled with the “zero protocol conversion loss” feature of PCIe, the ExaRAID HD is also capable of maintaining high speeds and reducing transmission delay in continuous read/write, thereby maximizing the utilization rate of every single hard disk.

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