Accusys-A12S2-PS – Call for Pricing

Accusys-A12S2-PS – Call for Pricing


Product Name: A12S2-PS


High performance 12-bay 2U rackmount PCIe2.0 20Gb RAID system, JBOD expansion available and be capable to work with ExaSAN PCIe switches to compose PCIe SAN network. Support one stream of 4K DPX video, and multiple streams of 2K and HD video.

● Performance: 1200 MB/s with SATA drives

● Supports RAID Level 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, JBOD

● PCIe 2.0 20Gb bandwidth

● Compatible with 3.5” and 2.5” SATA/SAS enterprise hard disks and SSD

● Capacity Expandable

● PCIe SAN ready

● Redundant power supply

● Certified by Blackmagic Design DaVenci Resolve 11


Enterprise SATA 12TB Price
Enterprise SATA 24TB Price
Enterprise SATA 36TB Price
Enterprise SATA 48TB Price
Empty 0TB $6,000









Host Interface

PCI Express Gen2 5Gb x4, transfer rate up to 20Gb


36TB (12x 3TB)


2U Rackmount

Array Type


Form Factor

12 bay

Drives Type Supported

  • Support 12x SAS/SATA 6Gb and SSD disks
  • Support 3.5’’ / 2.5’’ hard disks
  • Support 1TB/2TB/3TB/4TB hard disks

RAID Controller

  • LSISAS2208 processor
  • Hardware XOR/Multi-Parity engine
  • 2GB DDR III, ECC-protected


76cm (H) x 61cm (W) x 38cm (L)


31kg (68.34 lbs.) dual I/O module configuration without hard drives

Power Supply

400W x2, Redundancy

Operating Temperature

Temperature: 0º to 40ºC (32º to 104º F)

Humidity: 5% to 85%


and Monitoring

RAIDGuide X (Java-based GUI, cross-platform executable )


  • Windows: XP/2003/Vista/2008 and Windows 7(32/64-bit, Miniport and storport driver, WHQL certified)
  • Linux: Red Hat, SUSE, Fedora, CentOS, Debian…
  • MAC: OS X (10.5, 10.6, 10.7)



Product Information:

1200MB/s speeds to edit HD, 2K and 4K DPX

The Accusys ExaSAN A12S2-PS, the newest member of the ExaSAN family of storage solutions provides high speed data transfers up to 1200MB/sec while scaling capacity from 12 drives to 48 drives.  With 4TB drives supported, a single A12S2-PS disk channel can manage 192TB.. It features PCI Express 2.0 technology capable of 1200MB/s that can easily edit multiple HD, 2K and 4K DPX video streams, even stereo 3D editing workflows. The ExaSAN A12S2-PS is the key storage component of an ExaSAN solution enabling collaborative shared storage editing workflows possible for the budget conscious.

Comparing the Storage Protocols

Every PCIe 2.0 path runs at 5Gb/s and with the HBA, cable, and A12S2-PS RAID controller processing 4 lanes results in a bandwidth of 20Gb. PCIe2.0 x 4 lanes is 2.5 times fasten than 8Gb Fibre channel.

A Slim and Elegant Disk Array System

In a 2U12 bay form factor, the A12S2-PS only occupies a 2U space providing 20Gb Bandwidth with a maximum storage capacity of 36TB. It combines performance and economics with an attractive new elegant, yet high-tech metallic casing.

Control Management Reliability

The A12S2-PS transforms the disk array system into a convenience for all users, not only professionals. Its swappable modular disk array design, RAID controller, FAN and power supply module dramatically facilitate both maintenance and system reliability. Our innovative green storage, from an environmental protection perspective, is a model of energy efficiency and reduces storage system energy consumption while improving storage performance per watt. The A12S2-PS also runs cooler and enables significant cost savings for IT departments through its energy efficient green design.

Up and Running, At All Times

All ExaSAN storage solutions utilize the RAIDGuardX GUI system to manage and monitor the staus all parameters including power, fan, temperature, RAID controllers, easy trouble shooting features are also provided by Accusys:

  1. Every modularized component of the A12S2-PS system, such as power supply, fan and RAID controller has a corresponding front panel LED indicator.
  2. A warning beepen tone is emitted based on system status for quick servicing. Events requiring attention are entered into an eventlos and e-mail notification is seat.


Product Video:


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