Big Pic Media has launched a range of services to cater for the management of media and digitisation of both film and tape content to multiple file types and standards. In addition we also offer the service of preparation of your physical content for digitisation as well as post and restoration workflows.

Our main focus in the preservation of the content on these physical medium that are firstly degrading over time but also the clock is ticking to have the technology available to read the media, particularly tape.

We are capable of scanning you film based material from 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm and 35mm including all types and additionally we can read the optical or magnetic audio  from the film and make an embedded or separate audio track.

For Tape we have the ability to bulk ingest huge quantities of tape using our flexicarts and automation system to provide unto 20 hours of ingest per VTR per day in both SD or HD standards, our current capacity is able to generate unto 160 hours per day of content, in addition we supply single tape bespoke ingest for the rare format tapes.